While living in Sweden, I just like everyone else, followed "Big Brother" like crazy! However......that was a long time ago, and I haven't thought of it ever since! BUT! My roomie Son watches the spanish version "Gran Hermano" every day, since her frinds sister is among the top three finalists right now! And being, alittle bit, exposed to this....I kind of miss Big Brother and all the drama that happened!

Especially since there is a lesbian, complicated, relationship between Sarah and Veronica in the italian "Grande Fratello" (Son showed it to me)... These girls , before the start of the show, defined themselves as being heterosexual... And in the house, they were, at first, flirting with other boys and so on.... But now it's interesting cause they seem to have found love! However, in love or not, lesbian or not....the two girls are sexy as hell and would make a BEAUTIFUL couple! I wish them all the best! (video under)

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Eidan Eel said...

yes! i love them really!

so cute... I would like to be the cheese in the middle of this sandwich! hehehe.